About Me

I’ve fancied the idea of running a blog for a long while now. Having a little corner of the internet that I can dedicate to my thoughts and opinions…whether or not those thoughts and opinions are ever read by another soul. I never really dedicated myself to it though. I have an Instagram that I post all my travel photos and tell people it is my travel picture blog but I don’t actually write about it or anything, just post pictures of my travels. However, over the last year I have really rediscovered my love of reading and decided that is what I really should blog about. Ever since I learned how, I’ve been an avid reader. Anything from horror novels to the classics to cheesy romance novels. I’m captivated by words that are woven to tell stories and create whole new worlds. Or at least a new story in a familiar place.

So here I am, blogging about books and my “reviews” of them. I use the term review lightly, as it’s mostly going to be my own thoughts and opinions. I’m not book specialist; I actually have a degree in World History to be honest. So don’t think I’m like the next Roger Ebert of books. However, I will toot my own horn, as the saying goes, and say I am really good at exploring the negative and positives about a book: the plot, the characters, the development, the writing style, etc.

With that, I’d like to welcome you to my blog. I’d love to hear your opinions on the books I review, whether you agree with me or not or if you have something to add. Reading is all the more fun when others join in! My name is Jennifer (I suppose that’s pretty obvious from my title). I will read just about anything so don’t hesitate to send me a title! I’ll read it as soon as I can, though I do have a growing list already. My list is literally like a hydra: as soon as I cross one book off the list another two replace it (or three or four!)
Happy reading all!
You can contact me at booksbyjenblog@gmail.com and follow me on Instagram @booksbyjen or on twitter @booksbyjen1

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